Work_04 of hidenobu mori

untitled 1996

作品title:untitled 1996

text by Miki Numata

 I get up. Wash my face. Have a breakfast,brush my teeth,put clothes on and step out. I lock the door behind me‥ not quite sure,but it should be  locked. AS USUAL.. I can count on my daily practice. Furnace is turned off,I think. My TV set has its own timer,so there's nothing to worry about it. So I go on,catch a train and walk down to my office. Work,eat,and work again. No over time. Take a train back home. The door was locked. Furnace was killed. You're OK, I said to myself.
 On my way home ,I bought a pair of red gloves which I wanted. They were on sale.  And a scarf for my mother. Her birthday is coming. I do this sometime to make her happy. I cook myself a dinner. My party-worm stomack is asking me for a low-cal,halmless Japanese food. Its a party seasen. I'm fed up with Christmas gatherings, year-end parties,and new  year celebrations. They come one after  another. Every party is inevitable. They're  part of the job.
 I saw a strange girl on the train today. The girl had a baloon tied down on her top. I figured that she is an otaku, but in fact, she was an ordinary girl. I ignored her‥it's none of my business. And who cares?  Nobody in the car paid attention to her. Let sleeping dogs lie,right? The world today is filled with strange people. You should be careful,too.
 Whats did I do today? I forgot,and that's OK. Nothing must have been important anyway. AS USUAL and I'm tired. It's bed time. It's Monday,and tomorrow is a workday.  I have so many things to do before the weekend. What shall I do on the weekend? I'll think about it tomorrow. Good night!

To be oneself is difficult. 
The world is fulled with high-technologies.
Things develop and change at blinding speeds.
We are surrounded by various temptations.
To live is to choose a matter out from overflowing matters.
It's not ready-made, handmade, or made to-order.
Like a psychiatric yes/no test, a course will be made after we choose a
We will be pushed forward. 
We step forward without knowing what happened,then we face
another question. 
What's next? Where is the end? When?
We believe that we are the products of our own wills,but that is not
We are being made.
Where are these selves  going? 
Most of the people I see are disinterested people.
They never take an interst in my action.
If I dress myself in a strange style or do something strange,they will go
The self has no relation to others. 
Their Bodies and my body are different.
There is a solid borderline between everyone of us.
Nobody knows that the self is made outside of us;in the world.
Disinterested person is a person who closes his eyes‥who ignores
If you want to be yourself,detach yourself from your body.
Wake you self up and float in the air.

untitled 1996(video still)