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Fertile Land

作品title:Fertile Land 1997

-CIRCULATION OF A SHORT MEMORY - text by Hidenobu Mori

 Roland BARTHES once pointed out that the basic material of a movie is photography. BARTHES states that the self-completion of a movie, that is to say a moving image of photographs, is completery flawless, and a full world view is lost from not being able to touch it. In other words, in movies,there is an "inclination towards the future", and in photography, there is no "inclination towards the future". From this,the concept of photography is created. One thing that I have noticed is that conversely, this is an "inclination towards the future" using images. Slvoj Zizek, quoting phenomenology as philosophy in a movie review, noted that the object(the movie). This shows that, in a sense, an "inclination towards the future"is included in the subject's(the viewer's) "empirical sense of values".
 The piece called "Fertile Land" is a very simple, short picture, in which two still pictures are relayed through the circulation of the memory. Of course, the pcture is moving. This picture is created by one image being played as the opposite of anoter image. Through still pictures being connected, there is a lack of an "inclination towards the future", and the "flow of an experience that has been created" stops and vanishes. "An image that was taken in space" is merely a sign, and is taken as something symbolic. But in fact, because it can't stay there, it is just a fragment of our memory. The "lady's mouth", that has been zoomed in on in the image, is something that shows a different communication, despite conversation being cut into pieces as a still picture. Within "emotional directivity", it is perhaps an "unlikery relationship" with the object. Me choosing the lady's mouth as a visual object is something that conversely brings out various imaginative powers, through the "emotional directivity" that the expression of the mouth brings about. In addition, the mouth itself continues to be a symbolic focal point. The constitution of the memory's experience is then usually repeated.


Fertile Land (video still)