Work_08 of hidenobu mori

A Seam

作品title:A Seam 1998

-Moderation, Moderate space- text by Hidenobu Mori

  "A SEAM",this installation used a video piece is a sign in the space. There had a very vague visual image inside the viewer's consciousness in this case. This visual piece is a disordered broadcast from a documentary film on TV programs, and changed a still picture. This still picture that liked a woven fabric is the pattern of the rhythmical color. The viewer's began to have many communication for the picture. So after a disordered picture (A sign)  maked one of answer what is some different "the construction of consciousness" in all the space.
 "An obscure construction of consciousness" is communication in a state of flux in the space. This visual image intruded all viewer's consciousness, and showed some unseen construction in the space. This construction seemed the carpet that woven of the unseen yarn.