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雑誌のタイトルにも使われている"EASY TRAVELLER"という言葉から、人間の様々な生活から生み出されるある種の探究心のようなものから、つくられた様々なイメージがコンセプト。 ここでいうTRAVELLERは単に旅行者というよりも、毎日旅行するが如く、他の都市、あるいは他の国、他の惑星といった様々なビジュアルがあふれているなか、個人のなかの社会意識、生活感を記号としてとらえ作品化しています。

-Easy Traveller - text by Hidenobu Mori
Where do we come from? What are we? Where Are We going? Paul Gaugian(painter)

The development of the mass media culture from the 20th century half latter produced the mass production of the various visual images. Many scenery photographs are used for the commercial of the cigarette so that it may be represented by the commercial of "Marlboro" of Philip Morris & Co., Ltd and then many images like a resort and a tourist spot or the ground of the unexplored regions are used. It goes through the various media, the tremendous magazine which our daily life is full of, and it is a thing like a movement of consciousness of the daily sense produced by that, and there is a search heart like a tourist in the word of "EasyTraveller" being used for the title of the magazine as well. Then, the world which one human being recognizes is global, and exists as a very little world again there. As we travel, the world which has never done it so that it may be represented by the television program "From the train window of the world" which Fujitsu Co.,Ltd. provides exists in the daily consciousness through the sight experience. Then, it is rearranged as much same age or stereo type , and that experience is repeated again and repeated. These images exceed racialism, a state and a generation, and it is symbolic, but it is here, and exists as a single thing again.